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About Us

The face behind the name, meet Amanda:

I’m Amanda and I am the founder of The Party Palace in Dubuque, IA. Since graduating from Penn State 10 years ago I have always worked for a family business and I just love the atmosphere! I wanted to create something I could enjoy with my daughter Rita Jane and husband, Matt.

This idea popped into our heads and we decided “why not, let’s order our first bounce house and see where this goes!”

I LOVE to plan a party down to every last detail like the napkins so this is just the perfect start for a rental business where I will eventually start party planning as well!

We are so excited to get started and can’t wait to keep adding more and more rentals so if there is something you would love to see in Dubuque let us know!

Hopefully we will be at your next party!

Reason behind our name:

There is a two part reason behind our name, The Party Palace. First and most important reason behind our name is that it is in honor of my Grammy, Rita White, who passed away. She owned her own business called The Cake Palace for 47 years. She was a huge influence over me and I truly looked up to her and will continue to aspire to be as great as she was (though those would be some truly large shoes to fill). I hope that we can grow our business to be as great as hers was and to last as long as hers did! 

The second reason behind the name (much less important than the first in comparison) is that we want to be so much more than a bounce house. We have huge goals for this company to be all things party - bounce house rentals are just the start. Planning parties is something I truly love to do and I want to give people the party in their visions and provide everything possible to make that happen. 

We are a family business looking to help your family have their best party ever and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

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