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Rental Policy

Rental & Liability Agreement

Rental & Liability Agreement (will be signed at set up)


It is the responsibility of the person or organization hiring this inflatable equipment to ensure that all possible precautions are taken to avoid injury to people or damage to the Inflatable. Please ensure that the following Safety Instructions are followed:

1. No food, drink or chewing gum on or around the Inflatable. This will avoid a choking risk and keep the unit clean. (Please note if the Inflatable is collected in a dirty condition then the person hiring it will incur a cleaning charge)

2. Shoes, glasses, jewelry, and badges MUST be removed before using the inflatable to avoid injury to peoples using the equipment and harm to the Inflatable.

3. No face paints, party poppers, colored streamers or silly string to be used either on or near the Inflatable. (Please note these products will cause damage to the Inflatable that cannot be repaired)

4. NO smoking on or around the Inflatable.

5. NO barbeques around the Inflatable.

6. Climbing, hanging or sitting on walls is dangerous and must not be allowed.

7. A responsible Adult must supervise the inflatable at all times.

8. Always ensure that the Inflatable is not overcrowded, and limit numbers according to the age and size of Children using it. Try to avoid large and small children from using it at the same time.  No adults and children bouncing at same time.

9. Ensure Children are not pushing, colliding, fighting or behaving in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.

10. No pets, toys or sharp instruments on the inflatable at any time.

11. Do not allow anyone to bounce on the front safety step as this is dangerous.

12. Do not allow anyone to be on the inflatable equipment during inflation or deflation as this is DANGEROUS.

13. Please ensure that Children are not attempting somersaults and are clothed appropriately and that nothing can fall out of their pockets.

14. In the event that the blower stops working, please ensure all users get off the inflatable immediately and calmly. Check your breaker(s) and make sure the blower tube or deflation tube has not come undone or something has not blown onto and is obstructing the blower. In the event that it overheats, or loses power, switch the blower off at the mains, then switch it back on again 1 or 2 minutes later, and it should restart. If it does not, inform us immediately at (201)669-9792

15. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: DO NOT let children play on the inflatable without Adult supervision. Adult supervision is necessary to enforce these rules for safe operation of the Inflatable.

I have read and fully understand the above important information, warning of risk, assumption of risk and waiver and release of all claims. 

Rental Agreement

The maximum number of jumpers allowed in the Bounce House at any one time are: 

Maximum Individual Weight of Individual: 100lbs

Maximum # of Jumpers: 5


  • All jumpers must remove shoes, jewelry, badges, eyeglasses, and any sharp objects before entering the bounce house. 

  • Absolutely NO - confetti, gum, food, drinks, sprays, or other sticky substances are allowed in the bounce house. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the imposing of an additional cleaning fee. 

  • No Piñata’s in the bounce house- risk of severe injury. 

  • No smoking on or around the inflatable. 

  • To avoid neck and back injuries - no wrestling, flipping, colliding or fighting. 

  • Do not bounce against the sides or near the doorway of the bounce house - serious injury may result. 

  • Anyone with head, back, neck or any muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, children under 3 years of age, and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls bumps or bouncing are not permitted in the unit at any time. 

  • Do NOT allow older children to jump with younger children - risk of severe injury. 

  • No hanging from the netting on the sides or from the roof of the bounce house. A repair fee will be imposed if the sides/roof is damaged. 

  • Keep unit away from heat and open flame at all times, material will burn or melt. 

  • If inflatable begins to lose air, make your way to the exit immediately. 

  • Bounce House MUST be staked to the ground securely at all times to prevent tipping or injury. Do not use if winds exceed 25mph - bounce house can flip over in high winds. If high winds exist, exit the bounce house immediately and turn off the blower. 

  • Keep children away from the blower unit - risk of electric shock and serious injury from moving parts of the blower . 

  • Do not operate the bounce house when raining or if ground is wet. Risk of serious injury due to slipping hazards and electric shock from the blower if wet conditions exist. 

  • Children’s safety depends on you. Your personal supervision is absolutely required. As the Lessee of the bounce house, the safety of all who come in contact with the bounce house or parts thereof is YOUR responsibility. 


Weather Policy 

We reserve the right to cancel any reservations due to severe or imminent deterioration of weather conditions. 


Cancellation Policy 

A 2 week notification of cancellation is required (except due to weather conditions with approval of The Party Palace). If it less then 2 weeks you will not get your deposit back.



  1. This rental equipment has been received in good condition and will be returned in the same condition (ordinary wear and tear accepted)

  2. Customer assumes all responsibility for injuries to persons or damages to property, and agrees to release and hold The Party Palace LLC harmless for any and all claims, of whatsoever nature, arising out of use of the rental equipment while in his/her custody. In the event that the release and hold harmless as contained herein is held unenforceable for any reason, Customer herby agrees to a limit on any damages claimed by Customer to the total paid to The Party Palace LLC for the rental.

  3. Customer agrees to company right to enter premises of customer at anytime to repossess said equipment.

  4. Customer agrees to reimburse The Party Palace LLC for all attorney fees, an amount not less than 50% of all sums due, court cost and expenses incurred by The Party Palace LLC to enforce collection or to preserve or enforce rights under this contract.

  5. Customer agrees not to loan, sublet or otherwise depose of equipment or use it at any other location.

  6. Customer agrees to pay in full the replacement cost, including labor, for all damages to rental equipment.

  7. If the inflatable equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair the renter agrees to pay up to the price of the cost of a replacement.

  8. Customer agrees to ensure that all users (and users’ guardians) of the rental equipment sign liability waivers.


  10. Customer agrees to hold company at no liability in regards to virus or bacteria transmissions or any sort of reference from use. If any in place, following government guidelines is for personal family use, not public party use. Customer has the freedom to sanitize bounce house using eco friendly biodegradable cleaners before and after each use to minimize and mitigate any and all virus or bacteria transmissions. THEREFORE Customer agrees to accept any and all responsibility for any and all virus or bacteria transmission from use and holds the company harmless under any and all conditions.


The person(s) or organization renting this Equipment from The Party Palace LLC will be held responsible and liable for any and all damage or injury occurring for any reason whatsoever. I have read the above agreement and fully understand and accept the conditions as above. I am aware that while in my care I am fully responsible for the inflatable and will pay for any loss or damages that may occur.


A $50 deposit will be put down at booking that goes towards your rental fee. This fee is refundable if cancelation happens 2 weeks prior to rental date. If after the 2 week rental date there is a cancelation the deposit is not refundable.

Payment Methods


- Cash

- Venmo

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